What our clients say

meerkatsWe at Career Matters are proud of the wonderful feedback we have received over the years. This is what our clients have said:

Quote from Fiona, at mid – career stage:

‘I needed direction and focus in my career. I wasn’t happy with my current situation. Christine helped me to examine my strengths and talents, along with the opportunities that I could go for. I am really happy with my new found plan of action!’

From Amy, School Leaver:

‘I was confused about what I should be studying for and didn’t know how best to approach the CAO, but this service has really helped me get a clear picture of my talents and what is best for me in preparing for my future’.

From a grateful Parent:

‘Based on your suggestions, my daughter took them all on board in that meeting you had with her when she was in 5th year in school. I am amazed at the progress she has made in the last 2 years; she is so happy in college and we are very grateful to you for the support that sent her in the right direction’

From Patrick, a Senior Executive:

When I was made redundant I panicked and needed help. I had not done serious interviews for many years. Christine helped me build my confidence to approach the market well prepared. It took me a few months to find the right job, but Christine’s support throughout the process helped me a lot. She is so experienced and supportive’.

From Michelle, HR Director of a major corporate:

Career Matters provides a holistic service, taking account of the individuals career and life needs. Career Matters provides a highly analytical and structured process to enable people to move from where they are now to where they need or want to be

From Noeline, an Executive Search Manager:

I have worked with Christine by recommending her career management package to senior executives. The feedback has always been excellent in that they find it flexible and practical and focused on the needs of the individual. Christine’s success is due to her facilitation style and her ability to get people to engage

From Elaine, at mid-career stage

I really feel the personality test and the way you fed it back to me has helped me in so many areas. I am way happier at work, playing tennis a few times a week and getting to hook with my friends. So in the short term its already working. I would consider that deciding to go back to education or not, is a process and so long as the wheels are in motion, I’m happy.

From James, early career stage job seeker:

I was a bit overwhelmed by the stress of my first job. I knew I didn’t want to continue working in the organisation, but had no confidence in how I was ever going to move easily to another job. I was afraid I had made a mistake with my career choice. Christine helped me with networking (which terrified me!) to help me build up contacts. She helped open up new perspectives for me and gain the confidence I needed to make some changes. I highly recommend a couple of meetings with Christine to get anyone back on track in their careers.

From Tiernan, mid- career stage job seeker:

‘Christine was recommended to me by a friend when I told him I was struggling with getting my CV in shape. He said practically all of his friends and family have gone to Christine over the years for support. I now know why! Christine has a great network and she put me in touch with her colleague who really did a fantastic job on my CV; I’m finally really proud of my CV’

From Maria, college student:

‘I wasn’t sure whether I should take a year away or study for a postgrad straight after college. Christine helped me in so many ways just to make up my own mind and I’m really happy with my choice now; I definitely recommend Christine to my friends and anyone who needs help with focusing when it gets a bit stressful!’