Personal Development

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  • Expectations Today:
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    People are increasingly expected to be self-motivated, self-starting, entrepreneurial and resourceful, with organisations placing greater emphasis on empowering staff and continuous learning. If you are in good shape you will be most of these and will also benefit personally

  • What is personal development ?
  • Personal development equips you with the skills and abilities that you need, in a way which reflect self-directing values. Who better to take responsibility for diagnosing your particular development needs, choosing learning and development goals and evaluating the results, than you yourself? We can help you to work out and implement your own development plan.

  • How does it work?
  • People are often very reluctant to alter behaviour patterns. We can become comfortable with the way that we are, and be unwilling to look at areas in which we could usefully develop. Instead we tend to hold on to a set of attitudes and beliefs, which support our behaviour, with our behaviour reinforcing our attitudes. For example, if you believe that you are not capable of handling more difficult tasks then you will avoid opportunities, which require you to do so. Eventually, if you turn down each chance to progress, you will find that opportunities are no longer presented to you. You may conclude that this is because your manager knows that you would not cope with the extra responsibility. This reinforces your opinion of yourself and the cycle begins again. Actually your manager my have thought that you had great potential and gave you many chances to prove this, but came to realise that you would not take them up and therefore stopped. Your negative perspective has decreased your chances of progressing. This ‘dug in position’ neither serves you nor those around you well. With a little support and guidance things could be a lot different and more enjoyable for you. Talk to us about possibilities.

  • Way forward:
  • When you first look at your development needs it is useful to identify some goals and devise a fitting plan for achieving them, one by one. You will learn how to set up learning opportunities and how to make the most of each one. As you complete each development task you can move on to the next one. This is a relatively painless, often enjoyable and most of all successful path.