Top 11 Job Hunting Tips from Career Matters

11 Top Tips for Job Hunting from 1. What do you want? What do you need? Be as specific and detailed as you can; the people you meet in this process will help you best when they know what you want. Your answers will develop over time in this process. Not sure what you […]

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College Graduates and Early Career: More Tips for Jobseekers

This is an extremely competitive stage for finding a great job or promising internship. Some important tips from to keep in mind: 1. Work your social media Use the Work and Education section on Facebook and use Linkedin to connect with your college contacts, friends, previous employers, neighbours and to follow companies you are […]

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Early to Mid-Career: More Tips for jobseekers

At mid-career stage, you have more professional experience than younger candidates, and you are also much more confident of what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Some specific pointers for this stage from 1. Be flexible The marketplace is competitive and you may not get your ideal job straight away. The […]

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Senior Executives: More Tips for Jobseekers

1. Take a very long view¬† However long you think your job search will take; it may well be considerably longer. This is often very difficult to accept; particularly for a senior person who has already achieved considerable success in their career and is used to leading. Remember that there are less roles available in […]

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