CV/Profile/Letters of Application

A complete career management package – flexible and practical – focused on the needs of each individual.

This is not a ‘quick fix’, but a professional, personal consultancy service for busy people who need expert support to achieve a unique positioning in today’s job market.

CV Preparation:
CV writing
A unique ‘made to measure’ document, more than just a CV. This is not cloned from templates or a job description like most CVs today but is compiled as follows:

  1. In depth strategic discussion to get a sense of your thinking and writing style.
  2. CV is drafted, fine tuned and finalised when YOU are completely confident in your new document.
  3. Finally, a Letter of Application and Profile to accompany the CV is composed. A great letter can be just as important as a good CV. It is your real pitch, your showcase, the first thing that is seen and, if crafted effectively, should arouse enough curiosity to meet you even before the CV is read.

From Tiernan, mid- career stage job seeker:

‘Christine was recommended to me by a friend when I told him I was struggling with getting my CV in shape. He said practically all of his friends and family have gone to Christine over the years for support. I now know why! Christine has a great network and she put me in touch with her colleague who really did a fantastic job on my CV; I’m finally really proud of my CV’