About Us

lightbulb Career Matters provides one of the most comprehensive career management solutions available today.

  • Aimed at clients of all ages AND at all stages of professional life, we have over 20 years experience, offering a wide range of corporate and individual career planning programmes.
  • Based on our years of experience in meeting people from all areas of the workplace, at different levels and different career development stages, we firmly believe it is in people’s interest to service their careers intermittently in the same way you service your car!
  • For those who are happy and ambitious in their careers, this can provide a useful independent mentoring service, to help them re-evaluate their current position, current skills and how they merge with market need, and indeed how well they are positioned for future developments which may arise, either in their area of work, in the marketplace or indeed in lifestyle choices which may emerge as time goes by.
  • For the group of people who tend to wonder, from time to time, if they are in the right career or in the right job, it is useful to step aside and use our expertise to resolve this nagging doubt and to help them to understand their motives, their values and their talents.
  • Generally, we invite people to contact us and discuss their needs in more depth if they are considering our service. We can, at that stage, give them an indication of how we may be of support to them and indeed if and when it might make sense for them to avail of our services.